Mountain Rain or Snow

During winter storms, tell us what is falling from the sky.

Scientists need your help to better understand winter weather. It's notoriously difficult to research winter precipitation in the mountains because it can vary over the course of minutes and across short distances. Few weather stations can accurately identify precipitation phase near freezing (rain, snow, or mixed).

Direct observations, made by people, are the most accurate way to discover how precipitation phase varies in time and space. Start reporting with the Mountain Rain or Snow app during winter storms to help improve the technologies behind precipitation phase prediction.

How it works:

(1) Sign up for storm alerts

(2) Log in to the Mountain Rain or Snow web app

(3) Send observations whenever you see rain, snow, or mixed precipitation

Sign up to put your location on the map.
Find your region's keyword, and text it to 855-909-0798.
We will send you the link to the web-based app and directions on how to get started.

How to participate for MRoS web page

Want to know more?

Mountain Rain or Snow is a NASA-funded collaboration between
Lynker, the Desert Research Institute, and University of Nevada-Reno.