How we work with your observations

As a result of your diligent reporting of rain, snow, and mixed precipitation, our team is able to take on a wide range of science questions related to hydrology, meteorology, and social science. Our series of Report-backs distill this work into blog-style articles that share updates on the research and the impact that your observations have on the scientific community. 

Click on the title of each report-back to read the full article. 

March 2024 - Led by Guo Yu and written by Sonia Nieminen

Chart of observations by elevation.

January 2024 - Led by Monica Arienzo and written by Sonia Nieminen

A person holding an umbrella and a cell phone while standing outside.

December 2023 - Led and written by Ben Hatchett and Meghan Collins

An aerial image of a flooded landscape.

June 2023 - Sonia Nieminen and Meghan Collins

An infographic displaying the total observation count for two ecoregions.

February 2023 - Led by Hailey Bogle and Anne Nolin
Written by Nayoung Hur

Animation of satellite and observation agreement for the March 19, 2022 Atmospheric River storm in the Lake Tahoe area.

January 2023 - Led by Keith Jennings
Written by Sonia Nieminen

Various partitioning methods success rate plot.

November 2022 - Led by Keith Jennings and Nayoung Hur
Written by Sonia Nieminen

Probability curve diagram, indicating the probability of snowfall as temperature changes.

November 2022 - Led by Meghan Collins and Monica Arienzo

Heatmap of Mountain Rain or Snow observations from the 2021-2022 season.

October 2021 - Meghan Collins, Monica Arienzo, and Keith Jennings

Satellite image of the Sierra Nevada with observations from the 2021-2022 season overlaid as colored points.

2020 - Meghan Collins, Monica Arienzo, and Keith Jennings

A mobile phone displaying the app used in the 2020 season for submitting observations to Tahoe Rain or Snow.
Mountain Rain or Snow logo with graphics of mountains, a snow crystal, and a rain drop.