End of season recap for winter 2023-2024

May 2023

A summary of this season of achievements

This year, we broke records for the total number of observations submitted, total number of observers, and more! Wrapping up this fantastic season, we compiled an infographic summary that showcases achievements from winter 2023-2024 to celebrate the impact of observers everywhere.

We received over 10,000 more observations than last winter and our community of observers grew by over 55%. Check out the infographics for the leaderboard of the top ten super-observers – individuals whose dedication to sending in reports blew us away! 

We also give a shoutout to this season’s elevational diversity superstars, who had the most variety in elevation for their observations out of all participants.

Part one of an infographic with statistics about this winter season for Mountain Rain or Snow. Total observations: 32,110; snow: 18,455; mix: 3,593; rain: 10,062. Active observers: 1,684 (615 more than last year!). Most observations from a single storm: 2,099 from March 1-3, 2024; region that sent the most reports in one day: Sierra Nevada.
Part two of an infographic with statistics about this winter season for Mountain Rain or Snow. Regions with the most observations: Central Basin and Range (5,517), Northeastern Highlands (4,566), Sierra Nevada (4,402). Leaderboard of observers who submitted the most reports: Patrick Thorson, Sierra Nevada, 676; Chris Gotschalk, Western Montana, 471; SV, The Netherlands, 440; Karen O, Rocky Mountains, 388; Marley Jennings, Northeast US, 343; Mariah Blackhorse, Great Basin, 329; Robert R, Sierra Nevada, 284; Randall Bursk, Rocky Mountains, 280; Bill Locke, Western Montana, 279, Erin Grogan, Northeast US, 271. Average amount of observations per observer in all regions: 19. Observer who sent the highest elevation report: Lauren H, Rocky Mountains, 11,993 ft. Observer who submitted from the greatest variety of elevations: Craig Hall, Sierra Nevada (0-1k ft, 1k-2k ft, 4k-5k ft, 5k-6k ft, 6k-7k ft, 7k-8k ft, 8k-9k ft, 9k-10k ft). Observer who submitted from the greatest range of elevations: Nayoung Hur, Rocky Mountains, 9,849 ft between highest and lowest reports.
Mountain Rain or Snow logo with graphics of mountains, a snow crystal, and a rain drop.